Open Letter To:


  • Donald Trump, President of the U.S.A
  • Congress of the United State of America
  • European Union


The Afghans residing in Europe and elsewhere, invite your immediate and equitable attention regarding peace negotiation between U.S and Taliban in Doha capital of the State Qatar:

The third biggest mistake of the United States in Afghanistan could be a threat to the whole world. First – in 1992, the United States with the cooperation of Pakistan and other accomplices overthrew the progressive and secular government of President Dr Najibullah and instead installed the Jihadist government under the control of Jihadist and religious fanatic leaders, of Mujadadi and Rabani – Masud. Afterwards the U.S and British governments with assistance of Pakistan in providing logistical support initiated and installed the Taliban project and assist them to reach the power, while they were aware that Taliban belong to the religious Madrassas of Pakistan and extremely Jihadist.

Consequently, in the 1990’s decade internal clashes and proxy warfare between various fanatically religious Islamic groups destroyed Afghanistan and millions of Afghans were killed or forced into compulsory migration. The second biggest mistake by the U.S authorities, after 11th September 2001 incident was military intervention in Afghanistan to retaliate AL- QAEDA. The armed and air forces of U.S and its allies bombarded and intervene Afghanistan for the reason that to overthrow the Taliban regime because they were considered responsible for harbour and hiding Al- Qaeda chief Osama bin Ladin. After the military and air operations regrettably, Taliban were replaced with the same Jihadist religious Mafia, then these Jihadist warriors accused of looting and plundering the property of the Afghanistan people, furthermore the financial and economic assistance donated to rebuild the country, steal and robbed by them, reached to power as a result of Bonn conference. It is significant that the people and intellectuals of Afghanistan appreciate the financial assistance and efforts made by the international community and the U.S to build the democratic institutions and the national army of Afghanistan, particularly the elimination of warlords from their state position which has strengthened the rule of law, but it is not convincing reason that without the knowledge of the Afghanistan government, to advance peace negotiations with the Taliban.

In our opinion, the idea of the interim government consisting of the Taliban, warlords and other Jihadi extremists as an alternative to the current government, would be a new catastrophe for the Afghan people and serious danger to the world and infact this will consider as a third big mistake, the emergence of such situation would cause to repeat the1992 tragedy and civil war among the Afghans, also a new opportunity for Pakistan, Iran and regional countries for the proxy warfare. As it was revealed and reported, the Pakistan army and intelligence played dual role to continue the game, also the have used the fundamentals Islamic groups for, terrorist threat in Afghanistan and elsewhere just as president Trump quoted, ‘Pakistan in pretexts of terrorism received Billions of dollars falsely from the U.S and other countries, at the same time they are providing radical and suicidal band to Afghanistan to kill coalition Afghan and U.S forces and citizens.

Mr Donald Trump!
Do not neglect the Afghanistan government in the peace negotiations, and do not provide facilities for reaching into power, the radical, fundamentalist groups and Jihadi Mafia in Afghanistan.

With regards,
Afghans residing in Europe.

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