Afghanistan’s National Progress Party Proposals Regarding Restoration of Peace in Afghanistan


Fellow citizens , party leadership & members are aware of cross-sectional form and short times peace and democracy , because of the impose wars on Afghanistan ,
In the course of history , the cause of postponement of the reconstruction and restoration of democracy in our society related to engagement of the courageous and conqueror people of Afghanistan to retreat the invading forces ,
The above mentioned factor in the sensitive moment of history has caused the poverty and backwardness of Afghans and people have been deprived of attention to the national interest of the country , we believe that peace is , where democracy exists
and restoring of durable peace linked to the presence of democracy , as a matter of fact , peace and democracy affects each other’s growth and solidity .
In the past forty years , the war-torn people of Afghanistan suffered continuously ,
because of war phenomena institutions of peace and democracy demolished , despite the fact , the international community has sustained its support in the economic , cultural , social and military sectors , the ratio of the lack of good governance , the widespread existence of corruption and exercise of strength and vigorous , Mafia and intervention of some countries in the region especially Pakistan and Iran have forced the people into poverty and misery in Afghanistan .
Moreover , among the people there is still a stronghold of warlords and terrorists , thus accordingly , irregular and suicidal tendencies warfare are taking place on the civilian population in villages and cities , in the wake of undeclared wars between government forces and proxy war mercenaries has damaged the public’s health education and cultural institutions and centres widely , also based on UNAMA statistics sadly human casualties , especially among civilians , women and children have been reported which are heartbreak and sorrowful.
The absence of peace and security , also the prolonged conflict in the country will lead to misery of compatriots , it is astonishing that the country will face challenges as a single nation as a whole , also region and the rest of the world will not survive the dangerous consequences  , because of this  the national progress party of Afghanistan has always stood up against the war and through declarations and approvals , demanded the involved factions of the war and their foreign advocates to immediately stop the violence and war and bring to cessation the killing of Afghans and destruction of the country .
While , the warring factions involved in the conflict have engaged into negotiations to resolve the issue of war on the basis of the people and our party demands , we strongly agree and support the peaceful and equitable efforts , and in this regard –
the recommendations of the party secretariat , councils and members are as follows :
=> In accordance with the party’s decisions and to confirm , the Islamic clergy and scholars arguments and religious judicial decree { fatwa } in Afghanistan , Indonesia , Saudi Arabia and elsewhere , the continuation of war is likely to be the killing of brothers , innocent people of Afghanistan and Muslims which are strictly prohibited and illegitimate , in order to prevent the killing and stop the conflict , it is necessary that , those countries and groups which for their own benefits created ,
Al-Qaeda , Mujahideen , Taliban , Daesh ( ISIL ) and other terrorists projects also engaged with their training , equipped , export to other countries to continue , tactical ,
Proxy and suicidal activities , should be isolated and sanctions be imposed on them ,
they insult and humiliate humanity and Islam by their actions .
=> For comprehensive and everlasting peace in the country a framework for peace process is needed , it is essential the peace process should include the warring parties and their supporters , God forbids , if the warring factions and their supporters for the modalities of the peace process divide into groups , some of them oppose and some other assist the process , like the political and religious parties  , Taliban in Afghanistan also the regional and foreign countries which offers conditions for peace negotiations ,
Absolutely this kind of position is threat and against the comprehensive peace process and current dialogue , our party is in favour and assistance to comprehensive and sustainable peace .
=> In the course of several year war , between government and Taliban , there may have been heavy casualties on both sides , but the casualties that have caused to the masses are far from estimated , the people have remained defence less , both sides have not paid attention to them .
Otherwise , if the parties involved in the war and their supporters insist on their conditions , the peace will not be restored and the civil rights of ordinary people will be worsened , the party seriously wants the warring sides involved and political circles that , participation of honest and accurate representatives of the nation and listening to their views in the peace dialogue are essential .

=> In the long , fierce and proxy war of Afghanistan , those who used the weapons and control over part of the soil , have no right to claim the peace is only their group heritage , in this connection pave and facilitate the way for the participation of those political parties , civil societies , young , women and independent national personalities , who have been active throughout the entire period of the war to restore peace and democracy . The National Progress Party of Afghanistan emphasized that , the current peace process dialogue should include the right to represent Afghanistan’s different political and civil deserves and talents categories and giving consideration to their views and suggestions .
=> It is believed that the imposed war on the Afghan people is a proxy warfare , and the people are not in the position and have not enough authority to exercise the efforts
and rescue from the bloody war , if the war is on the turn , the Afghan were forced into the war for half a century , accordingly it is time that the United Nations  , the international community , especially the western countries and the United States of America have moral responsibility for working practically , really and honestly expedite
their efforts to end the war on the Afghan soil .
Obviously , actors in the course of negotiations persistently on their options and positions to stubborn the peace process .
The National progress party of Afghanistan believes , simultaneously pressure on , logistical , operational , planning and training centres of the terrorists groups also isolating their supporters , assist and coordinating the activities of the Afghanistan armed forces for advancement of peace process is required .
=> Different category of Afghans may be differ in connection with the progress and success of the peace process and maybe some of them want desirable peace  , however , the general procedure is compulsory for the Afghans .
In this regard , in order to achieve peace , patriots and political parties must agree on a single and unified consensus , also to avoid fluctuation in achieving peace , the leadership of the national progress party of Afghanistan is proposing to initiate a unified consensus .
=> Specifically , the perspective and viewpoints of the National Progress Party of Afghanistan are that , peace should be comprehensive and for all Afghans and new islets of power usurp in the name of peace must not be created , genuineness and subordinate should not be included in the peace process .
To ensure peace , conditions are acceptable in which the country’s liberty , national sovereignty , territorial integrity , democracy and laws are in the public interest .
Also the number of armed dissidents who accept the peace process and seek to find it,
It is important that serious attention be paid to the dignity , rights , security and importance of them , efforts to make unnecessary competitions , concessions and distrust , should guide to ineffectual .
=> On the whole , our party supporters the current peace process , and it uses all its knowledge and skills to implement it , also suggest that peace should be owned by the Afghans and carried out by them .
The international community must contribute to help and prepare various groups for peace   and don’t let self-interest and spiteful circles and countries of the region and world to use the peace process for their advantage and political lobbying.
Afghans should be vigilant to pull their country’s peace process out of the reach from untoward and ill-fated competitions of the region and world countries .
For the sake of interest of peace , first of all the Afghans agree on consensus , and those groups who have shielded the peace process for their benefits , with honestly efforts for their engagement to be encouraged , later on the Afghans  have come up with the international community to build a consensus for Afghanistan peace process ,
In spite of this , the consensus has been to ensure that the countries of the region in exchange for peace don’t abuse Afghanistan’s resources of water , sensitive geopolitical location , natural resources , cultural and social assets .
* The National Progress Party of Afghanistan , with above and similar suggestions reaffirm its support and will continue to work for the current peace process .
Meanwhile , request and ask for , political , civil societies and other activists and political categories of the country , to work in practice and actively participate in the peace process , also at every stage rescues from the calamity , in this patriotic and noble task quickness contribution are a timely Demand and requirement .
With regards
secretariat of the
National Progress Party of Afghanistan

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